Al Jurf Badya Villas by Imkan

  Sahel Al Emarat, Abu Dhabi

AED 1,898,777

2,3 & 4 BR

131 - 231 SQM

Very Convenient

Announcing - Soon


Al Jurf Badya Villas by Imkan

Impeccable and awe-inspiring, Badya Villas by Imkan features an impressive mix of elegant and sophisticated 2, 3 & 4 bedroom semi-detached villas. Topped with some of the finest amenities, the villas seem perfect for those who are looking for accommodation that lives up to their desired expectation.

Part of a thriving community that lies between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the villas are configured to match the changing lifestyle preferences. Located a few distances from the coastal gateway, the development does strive to capture the distinct appeal and charm, which in a way captivates the senses.

Each of the villas in this development is designed in a modular and linear fashion. By and large, the basic objective is to inspire everyone. With plenty of open space and surrounded by lush greenery, the residences offer the best in terms of both the worlds. Given the size and scope of the development, there is plenty for you to explore. Exuding class and elegance, the villas introduces you to a whole new set of lifestyle.

Ideal for those with a large family, the villas are optimized to provide the best in terms of comfort and luxury.

Floor Plan

The floor plan of the 2, 3 & 4 bedroom semi-detached villas is conspicuously designed to be spacious and address the concern of the discerning buyers. Every aspect of the villas in this new development are geared towards enriching the lifestyle. The minimalist design and architecture further enhance the overall appeal.

Payment Plan

In keeping up with the changing times and on account of the stronger demand for villas, the payment plan designed is meant to be attractive and feasible. The options being made available will, in fact, ensure to provide the buyers and investors with an opportunity to own of the units with considerable ease.